TROCAL 88 Standard Anthrazit

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TROCAL 88 Standard Anthrazit

The future is here – large glazed areas, sleek design, high sound and thermal insulation, and exceptional safety – the TROCAL 88 window innovation meets all requirements, both today and in the future. Thanks to its modularity and up-to-date technologies, this 88 mm PVC-U window system offers the highest degree of cost-effectiveness and individuality.

TROCAL 88 Standard Anthrazit

Innovative system of windows and PVC-U windows with installation depth of 88 mm.

Straight design, cut with thin lines for views that allow the greatest amount of light and achieve high solar energy gains.

Passive house suitability as defined in the ift instruction WA-15/2 – value Uf = 0.95 W / (m²K).

Wide glass removal up to 58 mm for the installation of triple and special functional polishes.

Reliable load transfer from the heavy weight of the glass to the central steel reinforcement.

Ultra modern technology for great handling and reliable functionality. Easy to clean, durable and strong.

Classic white PVC, laminated in wood color, plain or metallic colors.

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